How to attract new customers and drive traffic to your website? Here are 5 affordable ways to market products online and get your business noticed!


So, you’ve launched your own online business? That’s great! Now, you need to get the word out online and attract customers who will visit your website and purchase your products.


Marketing your business and your products online is crucial for attracting customers and driving traffic to your site. So how to do all of this without having to spend all of your money on advertising and promotional campaigns?


In this article, we are going to present you 5 affordable ways to market products online and get your new business company noticed:


  1. Create fresh, unique, and shareable content – The most effective way to drive organic traffic to your site is through business blogs. By creating informative and interesting articles, not only Google will reward your website, but online visitors will organically start sharing your posts.
  2. Offer bloggers and popular influencers free products in exchange for reviews – When you first start your online business it can be challenging to attract customers and direct traffic to your site. An effective strategy to start a buzz around your new business is to send out free products to bloggers and popular influencers. Most of them will be happy to take your products and review it on their website or blog.
  3. Use paid search or Google AdWords – This is a great way for your business to test and analyze online marketing. We recommend you to begin with a small budget and test different ad groups. Marketers should use either the CPA or CPC options for their promotional campaigns.
  4. Create a Facebook ad – The ad platform on Facebook allows you to be very specific and target a specific audience. When marketing your products on Facebook, you can choose between a lifetime or a daily budget or a cost per thousand impressions. You only pay for the impressions you receive.
  5. Engage with business influencers on Twitter – Create your own Twitter account and follow your favorite people in your business industry. Use the advanced search option on Twitter to find these people and engage with them. If you are lucky, they will engage with you and follow you back.


We hope these strategies will help you create a buzz about your business and the products you are selling! Be creative and find the best method to market your products online!