3 Things to Consider when Using Business Name Generator

Choosing a name for your business or brand may seem daunting. You want something memorable but unique. The name should make sense to your target audience can pronounce easily, but you don’t want to limit yourself, in case you want to expand into new product lines later.

There are so many rules, right?On top of that, the name you want has to be available (keep in mind that your business name and your domain name should be the same).

You’ve started to worry, but don’t cause you are not alone. Thanks to business name generator tools, you can search random store names and find the right one in a matter of minutes. Click here: https://www.shopify.in/tools/business-name-generator

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Business Name Generator: Find Cool Random Names

Sometimes, entrepreneurs get stuck over-thinking possible business names for months. If only I had the perfect name, I’d be able to get started with my business immediately – they said. While the name of your business is beyond important, you don’t want to put pressure on finding the perfect name. Business name generators are great tools because they allow you to search names by keyword, industry or style.

Squadhelp, for example, uses algorithms (like other business name generators, of course), however, they also allow users to host competitions. The result is hundreds of thousands of creative minds competing to name your business. Once the contest is over, you can choose the winner. The winner gets paid and in return, you will get a powerful brand name. The name is verified by Squadhelp (domain check, linguistic analysis, trademark risk assessment, and professional audience testing).

The contests are not cheap, however, when compared with the cost of hiring an agency, it is not much. They start at $199 and most of them start receiving submissions within minutes of publishing meaning you’ll see results immediately.

Panabee is another great online business name generator tool you can use. By describing your business idea in two words, the software will provide you with a list of relevant business name ideas. If you prefer a certain business name that is not available, Panabee will provide you connect you with plenty of options derived from abbreviations, prefixes, suffixes, and domain trends.

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Besides domain names, this tool also checks the availability of app names in Google Play and Apple App Store. They also do crosscheck availability on the most popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and etc. – an extra service that saves time. Hipster Business Name Generator is not your typical store name generator tool. Unlike other generators that search by keyword or industry, this tool is completely randomized. Hipster Business Name Generator allows you to click through an endless supply of fun, catchy, and cool business name ideas.

Since the suggestions are random, it may be the perfect option for entrepreneurs who are looking for a one-of-a-kind name.

How to Name Your Business: What Do the Experts Say

To save time, stress, and disappointment when you are developing a brand name, here are three tips that might help you find a strong name that can be registered and will help you reach your business goals.

1.Be Unique

Choosing an effective business name means a name that is unique.

Instead of trying to find a word or two that sum up your entire business, story, product or values, focus on capturing one element. This means looking past your business model or products and at your values, brand features, and customer experience. Experts recommend that you should start with an image or idea and then try to create your own version of this image by using brand name types. At this point, you need to get your team together and start exploring. From compound phrases to visual descriptions, play words, international phrases, and more, the possibilities your brainstorm will get your juices flowing and result in interesting ideas.

2.Recognize the Danger Zones

With so many business names in existence, the chances of being able to use one word are not in your advantage.

According to experts, there are three danger zones -single English words, power words, and symbolic words.

Just because you can’t use one word doesn’t mean you can’t use your imagination and integrate these words into something more creative. Types of names you might consider are this and that like Haute and Bold, Dolce & Gabbana, transmutations like Zumba, compounds like WordPress or SnapChat, and phrases like Mechanical Turk, and etc.

Choosing the right name means being unique but also realistic.

If you think that there is a little chance that you will use a popular world, think of an interesting way to integrate an existing one you like into a new form. If you can’t integrate, move on to something different.

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3. You Don’t Have to Explain Everything

Just because you can’t find a name that immediately makes you think of your product, culture or values, doesn’t mean you are making a mistake. The whole idea is, to sum up, one main idea in an interesting way. You shouldn’t mention every single detail your company stands for.

There are other aspects of your branding which will help you explain and complement your name and hopefully help you create an overall image. Your tagline, your logo, your website design, and your marketing copy are important as well.

The goal is to come up with a name, logo, and tagline that come together and create a powerful brand image.

Your name offers clues about the character or your business which can be brought together in one image through logos, design, and taglines.

The biggest challenge is to find something that is unique and functional. Think of the business name as one part of the puzzle. It is important, but when combined together with logo, tagline, and website design.

Final Words

By brainstorming business name ideas, exploring naming types, and taking advantage of business name generators, there is no reason why you won’t find a powerful brand name that will help you succeed and resonate with your audience.