Different surveys have confirmed that PPC (Pay Per Click) is a widely used technique of spreading the word about services or products over the Internet. However, does this mean that everyone should use PPC advertising to market products online? How does it impact the website store hosting? Does this method promise a great ROI (Return On Investment)? The fact is that this form of online promotion can be very useful, but you need to know how to use it in the right way. The best thing about PPC is that advertisers (you) should pay only when individuals click on their ads. This means that you are getting targeted audience.

PPC explained.

In order to understand PPC, you should take a closer look at the most popular PPC programs. Obviously, Google AdWords is the largest program of this kind. This is quite logical because Google is by far, the most used search engine. It’s crucial to find out how to use Google AdWords if you want to get the most from your PPC campaign. Thanks to a good PPC campaign, you will be able to support your brand building efforts. A good campaign can expose your brand to thousands of people and the best part is that you won’t have to break the bank to achieve this goal. Remember that you only pay for the clicks, not for the impressions.

Google AdWords relies on a quality score system to calculate the amount of money users have to pay for ads and the positioning of these ads. You should do your best to optimize your AdWord account in order to get good ROI. This quality score that we have mentioned is affected by many different things and some of them are not shared publicly at least not officially. Of course, there is more than one thing people can do to create a high quality score account.

One of the crucial things to acquiring above average quality score is the so-called CTR (click through rate) associated with the ads. So, if you have a high CTR, then this means that you are displaying relevant ads for the specific keywords you have selected. This is quite natural because Google too wants to display the right content in front of their users. Obviously, online business owners should never make ads that are misleading and dishonest – use precise descriptions for the best results. According to some experts, the bounce rate (the time that the user spends on your website once they get there) is affecting the quality score too.

To put it in simple words, in case some visitor clicks on the ads you’ve made and shared, and gets back to this starting position after a couple of seconds, this means that they were redirected to a website that didn’t deliver what they thought it will deliver. If you have many visits like this, the quality score of the ads you have will go down. In case you want to avoid situations like this, do your best to create relevant and engaging landing pages. Don’t forget to use the most relevant keywords in these pages too. Analyzing the results of each PPC campaign is another factor that you should take into account. Every well-established business has a clear record of their advertising ventures. Luckily, Google AdWords has some excellent conversion tracking options that can help you make a quick analysis. In fact, almost every popular PPC services have options like this. Finally, in case you have shared ads that have provided great results (conversions) then you should feel free to boost the bids for the specific keywords you have used in order to get even more targeted traffic.